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McKay suspended for Cross-Checking

Stars defenseman receives suspension + additional game for repeat offender

On Saturday night at the Dundee Ice Arena, Stars defenseman Chris McKay made an illegal cross check on Blaze Forward Alessio Luciani.

As the video shows, McKay is battling for the puck on the boards alongside players from both teams while Luciani makes a play on the puck attempting to clear his defensive zone. As he does so, McKay, with two hands on his stick, draws back and then extends forward striking Luciani in the Head with his stick. This is Cross Checking.

This isn’t a routine movement to box out an opponent or to gain body position. McKay raises his stick significantly and creates this contact. This is a reckless play that shows no regard for the opposition player, it is a dangerous high cross check that makes contact with an opponent's head and neck with sufficient force to warrant supplemental discipline.

McKay has previously been penalised and been issued supplemental discipline in the form of both a fine and a suspension during the EIHL 2023 /24 Season:

  • McKay was suspended and Fined: Cross Checking Cardiff Devils v Dundee Stars - 16/12/2023
  • McKay was ejected with a Major and Game Misconduct: Cross Checking Dundee Stars v Belfast Giants - 31/12/2023

To Summarise 

  • Cross Checking
  • Previous History (detailed above)

Effective immediately Dundee Stars #55 Chris McKay is fined and suspended for three games.

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