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Puffer suspended for charging

Panthers forward receives suspension

On Wednesday night in Belfast, Panthers forward Craig Puffer was assessed a Major and Game Misconduct for a high hit against Giants defenceman Will Cullen.

As the video shows, Cullen arrives first at the loose puck along the boards in the neutral zone with Puffer approaching shortly after. As Cullen makes a play on the puck, Puffer elevates unnecessarily, launching up and into a check that makes significant contact with Cullen’s head. This is Charging. 

It is important to note that this is not a case of a player elevating slightly as part of a natural hitting motion while delivering a full-body hit; nor is it a case of a player coming off the ice after contact because of the force of the collision. If Puffer wishes to deliver this check legally, he must stay low and hit through Cullen’s shoulder or core, rather than elevating upwards and into his head. 

To summarise:

  • This is Charging
  • Puffer has neither been fined nor suspended during the 2202/23 Viaplay Elite League Season 

Effective immediately, Nottingham Panthers, Craig Puffer is fined and suspended for one game.

The Panthers were informed of this suspension on Thursday evening.

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