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Mark Louis suspended for two games

Devils defeseman receives suspension

On Friday night in Cardiff, Devils defenseman Mark Louis was assessed a major and game misconduct penalty for an Illegal Check to the Head.

As the video shows, Flyers Michael McNicholas is playing the puck off the side wall in the attacking zone. Louis engages McNicholas, doing so by dropping his left shoulder and making a hit on him where his head the principal point of contact. This is an Illegal Check to the Head. 

While McNicholas is eligible to be hit on this play, the onus is on Louis to do so in a manner that ensures the primary point of contact and force goes through the core. In making the hit, Louis makes McNicholas‘ head the principal point of contact with his left shoulder.

It is important to note that this head contact is avoidable: there is no sudden movement or change in head or body position by McNicholas immediately prior to contact. For Louis to make this hit, he must avoid any contact with the head area.

Key Points

  • Illegal Check to the Head
  • Louis is classed as a repeat offender having previously being suspended and fined during to 2021/22 EIHL season.

Effective immediately Cardiff Devils Mark Louis is fined and suspended for two games.

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