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Mark Louis suspended for one game for Boarding

Devils defenseman handed suspension

On Sunday night in Coventry, Cardiff Devils Defenceman Mark Louis was assessed a Major and Game Misconduct Boarding penalty for this hit on Blaze forward Matthew Thompson, which caused him to be thrown dangerously into the boards and removed him from the game.

As the video shows, Blaze forwards enter the Devils zone on the rush. Thompson receives the puck and from his teammate, and Louis attempts to close down Thompson. However, before he can do so, he passes the puck towards the goal for his teammate.

While Thompson is initially eligible to be legally hit due to having just released the puck, this check is not legal due to the way Louis delivers an avoidable hit on Thompson who is thrown violently into the boards on the play. This is Boarding.

With Louis accelerating and Thompson no longer in possession, having just released the puck to his teammate, making him ineligible to be hit, Louis has the option to avoid the hit all together or minimise contact - he does neither and delivers a hit on Thompson causing him to crash dangerously into the boards.

It is important to note that Louis is in control of this play at all times; he is tracking Thompson through the defensive zone, so he is fully aware of puck possession, the speed with which Thompson is travelling, and his proximity to the boards.

The manner and timing of the hit sends a defenseless Thompson dangerously into the boards.

To summarise:

  • This is Boarding
  • Thompson suffered an injury on the play
  • Louis has neither been fined or suspended during the 21/22 EIHL Season.

Effective immediately, Cardiff Devils #4 Mark Louis is fined and suspended for one game.

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