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Egils Kalns suspended for one game

Dundee Stars' forward receives suspension for Check to the Head

An incident occurred on Sunday 01 September involving Dundee Stars’ #13 Egils Kalns, during the game between the Dundee Stars and the Glasgow Clan, which is deemed as a check to the head and neck area (CTH). The incident was reviewed by the EIHL Department of Player Safety which determined supplementary discipline is required under Category 1 - 'Careless' - insufficient attention or thought to avoid harm or error. It is liable to happen as a consequence of, by intending to, affect an opponent through a reactionary or accidental motion; or the incident is deemed careless caused by negligence.

Glasgow Clan are attempting to make a D to D pass. As the puck approaches Clan Defenseman #29 Craig Moore, the play becomes broken due to the puck hitting the referees skate. The broken play led to Moore turning his attention to the puck. At the same time, Dundee Stars’ #13 Egils Kalns is skating from behind the net to angle off Moore. Kalns is aware the puck hit the referee’s skates as he altered his skating pattern directly towards Moore. The play was reviewed and it was determined supplementary discipline is required for a check to the head.

It was taken into consideration, that the result of the check regarding injury is much worse than the action of Kalns. It is felt Kalns was not making the check with an intent to injure. However, he is responsible to avoid head contact, work to avoid or minimise contact and not take advantage of an unsuspecting player

Upon reviewing the game, a second  check was brought into question, which was deemed as clipping. Although the clipping action does not warrant supplementary discipline, it is an action that is deemed avoidable and not needed. This is noted, as it shows a trend in the behaviour of Kalns. Body checking is to separate the puck from the puck carrier. It is felt Egils Kalns is making checks, more in an effort to separate the puck carrier from the game. Kalns is going to have to change his style of game by simply having a regard for the puck and avoiding illegal or excessive means of checking.

Effective immediately, Dundee Stars #13 Egils Kalns is suspended for 1 game.

Key References:

  1. Contact to the head of opposing player
  2. Unsuspecting
  3. Excessive for what the play required
  4. Category 1 - Careless

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