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McGurty suspended for kneening

Panthers defenseman receives suspension

On Sunday afternoon in Nottingham, Panthers defenseman Myles McGurty was penalised with a Major and Game Misconduct for Kneeing on Blaze’s Aidan Spellacy.

As the video shows, Spellacy collects the puck in the neutral zone and is skating towards his offensive zone. As he attempts to enter the zone, McGurty lines him up for a body check at the blue line. Sensing pressure, Spellacy shifts to his right attempting to avoid the contact. Now at risk of missing the hit, McGurty adjusts his body, jutting his knee forward and into Spellacy recklessly causing a leg on leg collison. This is Kneeing.

It is important to note that on making this hit, this is not a case where a sudden movement by the player receiving the hit creates an unavoidable knee on knee contact. McGurty adjusts to Spellacy’s movement by extending his knee forward ensuring contact is made. This extension results in knee on knee contact with force to warrant supplemental discipline. 

To Summarise:

  • Kneeing
  • Injury on the play
  • No History. McGurty has neither been fined or suspended during the EIHL 2023/24 season

Effective immediately Nottingham Panthers Myles McGurty is fined and suspended for two games.

The Panthers were informed about this suspension on Wednesday.

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