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Allen suspended for one game

Stars defenseman receives suspension

On Tuesday night in Kirkcaldy, Stars defenceman Sean Allen was penalised with a Major and Game Misconduct for Checking from Behind on Flyers’ Kyle Osterberg.

As the video shows, Osterberg receives a pass from a teammate at his attacking blue line and makes a play on the puck, to dump it into the zone. After he releases the puck, Allen travels from distance and makes a hit on Osterberg, through the back, with Osterberg’s numbers clearly visible at a dangerous distance from the boards. This is Checking from Behind.

It is important to note that on making this hit, this is not a case where Allen is committed to making a hit with the purpose of separating the puck from the puck carrier where the puck carrier turns at the last second, therefore turning what would be a legal hit into an illegal one. On this hit, Allen, on seeing Osterberg release the puck, with his numbers clearly visible leaving him ineligible to be hit, makes a dangerous hit on a player who is unaware and unable to protect himself. Delivering a check from behind through the numbers to an opponent with no regard for the player or the puck, Allen travels from distance and is fully aware of his momentum, and Osterberg’s position (Numbers showing and distance from the boards). He choses to make contact with a vulnerable opponent with an Illegal check from Behind.

To Summarise:

  • Check from Behind
  • History. Allen has been fined once during the EIHL 2023/24 season

Effective immediately Dundee Stars #4 Sean Allen is fined and suspended for one game.

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