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Locke suspended for illegal check to the head

Flames defenseman receives suspension

On Saturday night at the Motorpoint Arena, with 12:00 remaining in the game Flames defenseman Kyle Locke made an illegal check to the head on Panthers Forward Ollie Betteridge,

As the video shows, Betteridge carries the puck into the offensive zone and is in a puck battle with Flames Lewis Hook. Betteridge is puck focused and making an attempt to make a play on the puck when Locke arrives and delivers a high, hard body check that makes the head the main point of contact on a hit where such head contact was avoidable. This is an illegal check to the head.

It is important to note that both elements of the illegal check to the head rule are satisfied on this play. First, the head is the main point of contact as Locke’s shoulder makes direct contact with Betteridge’s head and it is the head that absorbs the majority of the force of the check. Second, the head contact on this play is avoidable. Instead of being puck focused and making a play on the loose puck, Locke chooses to deliver a hit on a player in a vulnerable position missing his core and picking his head. If Locke wants to deliver this hit, he must stay low and choose an angle that hits through Betteridge’s shoulder and core rather than one that makes the head the main point of contact.

To Summarise:

  • Illegal Check to the Head
  • No History. Locke has neither been fined or suspended during the EIHL 2023/24 season

Effective immediately Guildford Flames #6 Kyle Locke is fined and suspended for one game.

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