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Lake suspended for two games for Spearing

Giants forward receives suspension

On Saturday night at the Skydome, Giants forward Ben Lake was penalised with a Major and Game Misconduct for Spearing Blaze forward Ian McNulty.

As the video shows, during a stoppage of play due to a minor penalty being assessed, and with players heading towards the benches, McNulty engages Lake who turns around, pulls back his stick and drives the blade of his stick into McNulty with a stabbing motion, causing McNulty to fall to the ice. This is spearing.

It is important to note while McNulty does engage Lake prior to the incident with a one handed push on the back of Lake’s leg, which could warrant a minor penalty, what causes this incident to rise to the level of supplemental discipline is when Lake turns around to confront McNulty: he can clearly see he has his stick on the ice and hands by his side. He chooses to use a disproportionate response to the situation by using his stick in a dangerous manner, the area of the body where the spear was delivered, and the force of the blow.

To Summarise

  • Spearing
  • No History. Lake has neither been fined or suspended during the EIHL 2023/24 season

Effective immediately Belfast Giants #9 Ben Lake is fined and suspended for (2) two games.

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