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Flyers and Flames schedule Challenge Cup Quarter-Final

Fourth Seeds vs. Fifth Seeds

A lot is still to be determined for the full Quarter-Final line-up for the 2023/24 Challenge Cup, but one matchup that is locked in is Fife Flyers vs. Guildford Flames.

The Flyers go into the knockout round as #4 overall seeds, while Guildford cannot be moved from #5. The teams were tied on Win %, but were separated on tie-break as detailed here. Their Quarter-Final games will take place as follows:

  • Wednesday 6 December: Fife Flyers vs. Guildford Flames (19:30)
  • Wednesday 13 December: Guildford Flames vs. Fife Flyers (19:30)

The Flyers had the option of home-ice advantage as the higher seeds.

The remaining three matchups will be confirmed after the final cup Group Stage game this Wednesday.

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