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Masi Marjamaki suspended for two games

Cardiff Devils' forward receives ban for Slew-Footing

An incident occurred in Cardiff on Saturday 23 November involving Cardiff Devils’ #15 Masi Marjamaki on Belfast Giants #22 Kevin Raine for which a Major and Game Misconduct for Slew Footing were assessed by the Referee.

The incident was reviewed by the EIHL’s Department of Player Safety which determined supplementary discipline is required under Category 2 – ‘Reckless’ – a deliberate and/or dangerous action with no concern for the result, with a conscious action to provoke, through intent and a wilful purpose.

Injury is not the determining factor, but can be considered as influential means to the decision. As the video shows, Kevin Raine blocked a shot in front of his net which caused a deflection and pursuit to a loose puck in corner boards area. The ensuing race for the puck involved both Raine and attacking player Masi Marjamaki. It is important to note that a race that involves a positional battle for the puck occurs many times throughout a game, especially when both players are aware of each other’s location and path/pattern directly to the boards.

Raine prepared in a manner that is deemed legal. He simply shoulder checked, knew of the location of Marjamaki, and altered his skating path slightly to maintain a body positioning that would allow him to win a puck battle in a safe manner. 

Marjamaki did not prepare properly and instead chose a means which is not only illegal but also considered dangerous due to the proximity and travel pattern to the boards on a non-puck carrier. When Raine and Marjamaki engaged in contact a considerable distance from the boards, Marjamaki immediately began the action of a slew foot. Marjamaki has an upper-body wind up, simultaneously following up with a right leg kicking pattern leg sweep to the back of the leg of Raine. This slew foot action caused Raine to not only propel backwards but also added a high probability of his leg(s) being the first line of contact into the boards.

The slew foot action of Marjamaki is deemed reckless and endangering, with the responsibility being fully on Marjamaki. Although there appears to be no apparent injury, the slew foot action of Marjamaki is considered very dangerous. The proximity of the opponent to the boards, and that he was propelled leg-first into them with the potential for more serious injury, is a key factor in reviewing the incident and determining the length of the suspension.

Marjamaki must immediately remove leg sweep actions. A battle for the puck must occur by positioning himself so both feet remain on the ice with regard for the puck, and by putting himself in a position that is safe for not only the opposing player but also himself. Battles for loose pucks occur many times a game and Marjamaki must take a different approach to his tactic of winning a puck battle.

Effective immediately, Cardiff Devils #15 Masi Marjamaki is fined and suspended for two games.

Key References:

  • Slew Foot
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  • Distance from boards on a non-puck carrier
  • Category 2 - Reckless

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