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Challenge Cup Quarter-Final Matchups Confirmed

Matchups for the QFs have been determined

With all Viaplay Challenge Cup Group Stage games now finished, the final ranking of teams has been determined for the Quarter-Finals.

Teams have ended the Group Stage as follows:

  1. 100% Belfast Giants - Winners Group A
  2. 81% Sheffield Steelers - Winners Group C
  3. 63% Coventry Blaze - Winners Group B
  4. 58% Fife Flyers
  5. 58% Dundee Stars (separated from Fife on Tiebreak Point VII - Goals Scored)
  6. 50% Guildford Flames
  7. 50% Cardiff Devils (separated from Guildford on Tiebreak Point VII - Goals Scored)
  8. 50% Nottingham Panthers (separated from Guildford and Cardiff on Tiebreak Point II - Regulation Wins)

Therefore, the Quarter-Final matchups are as follows:

  • Belfast Giants vs. Nottingham Panthers
  • Sheffield Steelers vs. Cardiff Devils
  • Coventry Blaze vs. Guildford Flames
  • Fife Flyers vs. Dundee Stars

Dates for these games will be announced shortly.

Note: Belfast Giants and Nottingham Panthers, due to arena availability, made their home dates known at the Fixtures Meeting in May, and these were allocated regardless of where the teams would finish.

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