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DeLuca suspended for one game

Storm forward receives suspension

On Sunday afternoon in Nottingham, Storm forward #71 Anthony DeLuca was assessed a minor penalty for Slashing.

As the video shows, Panthers Defenceman JC Brassard is in control of the puck setting up a breakout play. DeLuca is pressuring Brassard, who makes a play banking the puck off the goal net to avoid him. DeLuca then chooses to skate past Brassard and, as he does so, uses the toe of his stick to jab and make contact with the unsuspecting Brassard. This is spearing.

The reason for supplementary discipline is the choice of contact DeLuca makes with Brassard. This isn’t a hockey play. Regardless of puck possession, all contact here, especially with the stick, is completely avoidable. The use of the stick in this manner is reckless with a high potential to injure Brassard, who is unaware and unable to protect himself.

Key Points:

  • Spearing
  • No History - DeLuca has neither been suspended nor fined during the 2022/23 Viaplay Elite League season.

Effective immediately Manchester Storm Anthony DeLuca is fined and suspended for one game.

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