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Suspensions for Michael Davies and Mathieu Gagnon

Events during Steelers vs. Storm on 30/10/19

An incident occurred on Wednesday 30 October involving Sheffield Steelers #19 Michael Davies and Manchester Storm #75 Mathieu Gagnon, during the game between the Sheffield Steelers and Manchester Storm, which involves multiple situations requiring supplementary discipline. The incident was reviewed by the EIHL’s Department of Player Safety which determined supplementary discipline is required.

Supplementary Discipline Regarding Sheffield Steelers #19 Michael Davies

While play is progressing, #75 Mathieu Gagnon is positioned in front of the net with his attention on the puck, facing the net. #19 Michael Davies approached from behind with a wide length stance. Unsuspecting to Gagnon, Davies slew foots Gagnon. This is what is deemed the start of the entire situation. The slew foot is visible by looking at the body action of Michael Davies: with his right leg maintained in a wide stance, he uses his leg as a hinge in an attempt to propel Gagnon backwards. The reason it is deemed a slew foot is by looking at his stick pattern and upper body, where his right shoulder and arm propel backwards and his stick moves from a low position to an up and around position. The slew foot incident is considered unsuspecting, deemed “Category 1 – Careless” and worthy of a one game suspension. 

Additionally, as the incident is concluding Michael Davies picks up the glove of the opposing team, carries it from the high slot area to the players' bench area, wipes his face with the opposing player's glove and then drops the opposing player's glove in front of his player's bench. Considering Michael Davies had blood and a form of open wound, it is absolutely unthinkable that a player would think, with respect for his own health, about taking a used glove of an opposing player to wipe a wound. In respect to the situation, it is considered entirely inappropriate, with no place in hockey. For the incident involving the opposing player’s glove, Michael Davies is suspended for three games.

It is also taken into consideration that Michael Davies is a repeat offender this season. Earlier in the season, he took it upon himself to toss an opposing team’s goal peg into the stands. Beyond the thought of Michael Davies again displaying little to no consideration, and certainly no respect, for the sport, opposing teams or the EIHL, he will be further suspended under the repeat offender act with an additional two-game suspension.

Effective immediately, Sheffield Steelers #19 Michael Davies is fined and suspended for six games. In addition, he is also fined to the value of replacements for the equipment.

Supplementary Discipline Regarding Manchester Storm #75 Mathieu Gagnon:

With a battle between #75 Mathieu Gagnon and #19 Michael Davies, more in the form of stick-use exchange, Mathieu Gagnon dropped his right glove and engaged in multiple punches to the opposing player’s head area. The opposing player did not engage in the fight, and instead immediately went to a bent over stance (not engaging in a fight). As the altercation continued, Gagnon continued by switching hands to fight and aggressively continued the altercation while located on the back of the opposing player. This situation is considered a one-man fight with an intent to hurt. Even with the player down on the ice chest first, Gagnon did not stop. The entire situation is deemed reckless and endangering, causing an injury. The one-man fight incident has been determined worthy of a two-game suspension.

Additionally, and for no apparent reason, while leaving the altercation to skate towards the exit area of the ice, Gagnon, of his own accord, took off his helmet and threw it in the direction of the players’ benches. Acts like this have no place in hockey. The altercation was over, and Mathieu Gagnon has one responsibility – to leave the ice with respect. Throwing a helmet is not showing respect. For the helmet throwing situation, Mathieu Gagnon will receive a three-game suspension.

Effective immediately, Manchester Storm #75 Mathieu Gagnon is fined and suspended for five games.

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