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Sam Jardine suspended for two games

Devils' defenseman receives suspension for elbowing

An incident occurred on Sunday October 27, involving Cardiff Devils #77 Sam Jardine, during the game between the Cardiff Devils and Guildford Flames which is deemed an elbow. The incident was reviewed by the EIHL’s Department of Player Safety which determined that supplementary discipline is required under Category 2 – ‘Reckless’ – a deliberate and/or dangerous action with no concern for the result, with a conscious action to provoke, through intent and a wilful purpose.  Injury is not the determining factor, but can be considered as influential in the final decision.

As the video shows, Devils’ #77 Sam Jardine, with puck possession, is skating out of his defensive zone. The opposing player, Flames’ #27 Ian Watters, is making a legal play in skating with and beside Jardine, having a regard for the puck and doing no action deemed illegal or dangerous. With Jardine knowing he has Watters attempting to strip the puck from him, Jardine chips the puck ahead and takes his top hand (right arm) off his stick to use it as a defensive means to hold off his opponent, while maintaining to skate towards the puck. For no apparent reason, before playing the puck Jardine put his top (right) hand back on his stick and immediately chose to use his elbow in an aggressive and reckless manner. 

The elbow was directed at, and made direct with, Watters, causing an apparent injury. Watters had no way to protect himself and can be assumed to be unsuspecting of the overly aggressive elbow by Sam Jardine.

Effective immediately, Cardiff Devils #77 Sam Jardine is suspended for 2 games.

Key References:

  • Elbow
  • Contact to head of opposing player
  • Endangering
  • Category 2 - Reckless

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