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Time on ice totals: Dundee Stars

Photo: Derek Black

For the first time during the 2021/22 season, we experimented with time on ice data for all league and cup games.

This data was not available live, and therefore not embedded into the gamecentre of individual player stats. Here are the overall season average ice time statistics for Dundee Stars:

27:21 Drydn Dow
22:46 Michael Poirier
21:30 Markus Kankaanpera
21:30 Charlie Combs
21:08 Spencer Dorowicz
20:41 Philippe Sanche
20:27 Gabriel Desjardins
20:22 Kalvis Ozols
20:08 Kyle Haas
20:06 Craig Moore
19:40 Sebastian Bengtsson
18:40 Kris Inglis
18:37 Cody Drover
18:36 Connor Sills
18:44 Alexandre Ranger
18:07 Timi Lahtinen
16:21 Dillon Lawrence
14:43 Quinn O'Brien
09:02 Craig Garrigan
06:53 Toms Rutkis
04:47 Caly Robertson

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