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Time on ice totals: Cardiff Devils

Photo: James Assinder

For the first time during the 2021/22 season, we experimented with time on ice data for all league and cup games.

This data was not available live, and therefore not embedded into the gamecentre of individual player stats. Here are the overall season average ice time statistics for Cardiff Devils: 

25:51 Matt Register
22:02 Mark Richardson
20:50 Brendan Mikkelson
20:44 Brodie Reid
20:42 Trevor Cox
20:29 Jake Coughler
19:50 Josh Batch
19:36 Justin Crandall
19:28 Stephen Dixon
18:53 Cole Sanford
18:41 Ben O'Connor
18:24 Mark Louis
18:09 Marc McNulty
16:47 Brodie Dupont
15:49 Josh Lammon
15:18 Ben Davies
14:54 Brandon McNally
14:33 Josh Waller
14:01 Sam Duggan
08:39 Riley Bandt
07:10 Andreas Valdix
05:15 Bayley Harewood

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