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Time on ice totals: Belfast Giants

Photo: William Cherry

For the first time during the 2021/22 season, we experimented with time on ice data for all league and cup games.

This data was not available live, and therefore not embedded into the gamecentre of individual player stats. Here are the overall season average ice time statistics for Belfast Giants: 

23:16 Griffin Reinhart
22:16 Scott Conway
22:14 JJ Piccinich
21:04 Sam Ruopp
21:04 Mark Cooper
21:00 David Goodwin
20:44 Kevin Raine
19:58 Cam Knight
19:22 Ben Lake
18:25 Jordan Boucher
17:14 Jeff Baum
17:08 Lewis Hook
16:42 Slater Doggett
 15:00 Tyler Soy
14:13 Mark Garside
12:47 Ciaran Long
11:09 Darcy Murphy
06:56 Carter Hamil
05:23 Jonathan Boxill
05:10 Kell Beattie
04:57 Mack Stewart
03:18 Adam Robinson

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