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2021/22 Award Winners

End of season awards decided

Coaches and General Managers from across the Premier Sports Elite League voted for the 2021/22 Award Winners.

Here's how the awards were decided according to their votes:

Season MVP: JJ Piccinich
Coach of the year: Adam Keefe
Goalie of the year: Tyler Beskorowany
Defenseman of the year: Griffin Reinhart
Forward of the year: JJ Piccinich
British player of the year: Robert Dowd
Young British player of the year: Josh Waller

All-star team Line 1: Tyler Beskorowany, Griffin Reinhart, Jamal Watson, JJ Piccinich, Scott Conway, Marc-Olivier Vallerand

All-star team Line 2: Mac Carruth, Daine Todd, Matt Register, Charlie Combs, Brodie Reid, Mathieu Roy

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