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Springer suspended for two games

Storm defenseman receives suspension

Manchester Storm were informed of this suspension on Tuesday afternoon.

On Sunday night in Altrincham, Storm defenceman Linden Springer was ejected from the game following an altercation with Steelers Keaton Ellerby.

As the video shows, following an initial hit by Ellerby on Storm forward Frankie Melton, Springer engages Ellerby and an altercation ensues. It is important to note that both Springer and Ellerby become willingly engaged. This is not a case where one player is an unwilling combatant.

With both players engaged, Springer becomes tied up on the boards. At this point Springer then clearly becomes the aggressor of the altercation when he, in an attempt to get free of Ellerby, uses his left leg and sweeps Ellerby’s left leg away, causing both players to fall dangerously to the ice - endangering not only themselves but also the on-ice officials and other players. 

While both players are on the ice, instead of disengaging they continue to grapple while the officials intervene. During this time we see Springer's knee make contact with Ellerby. At this stage, it is both players' responsibility to disengage and follow the instructions of the officials, and not continue the altercation.

Following consultation with the officiating team, along with both Manchester and Sheffield including both players, we understand Springer’s viewpoint that he was pinned to the ice and trying to get free of the altercation. However, using your knee to contact another player regardless of force or intent is unacceptable.  

To summarise:

  • This is Fighting
  • Springer is the Aggressor
  • Springer has previously been fined but not suspended during the 2021/22 Season

Effective immediately, Manchester Storm's  #27 Linden Springer is fined and suspended for two games.

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