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Haas suspended for two games

Dundee defenseman receives suspension

On Friday night in Dundee, Stars defenceman Kyle Haas was assessed a Game Misconduct penalty and ejected from the game for being Third man into an altercation between Stars’ Charlie Combs and Blaze’s Nathaneal Halbert.

As the video shows, Combs and Halbert are engaged in an initial puck battle in the Stars' defensive zone. Following a legal hit on Halbert by Combs, the puck becomes free and is picked up by Haas who skates out of the zone and makes a pass to a teammate, during which time Combs and Halbert become involved in an altercation.

With both players willingly engaged in an altercation along with the Referee already signaling a penalty on the play, Haas, after making his pass, turns back and skates into his zone and drops his stick and is the third man in the altercation. He drops his stick and jumps on Halbert, becoming involved in the altercation. This is Third Man In.

It is important to note that both Combs and Halbert are willingly engaged at all times prior to Haas’s involvement. This is not a case where one player is an unwilling combatant. Haas then clearly becomes the aggressor of the altercation. With Combs still engaged with Halbert and falling to the ice, Haas continues to throw punches in an attempt to inflict punishment on his opponent who is in a defenseless position and an unwilling combatant. Here Haas becomes not only the third man into an altercation but also the aggressor of an altercation.

After having been removed from the altercation by the linesmen Haas then takes it upon himself to resist the officials and once again to get back involved in the altercation while both Combs and Halbert are on the ice, having to physically be removed once again.

To summarise:

  • Third Man in
  • Aggressor
  • Haas has previously been fined and suspended in the 2021/22 EIHL Season

Effective immediately, Dundee Stars #25 Kyle Haas is fined and suspended for two games.

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