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Mark Louis suspended

Devils defenseman receives suspension

On Sunday afternoon in Nottingham, Devils Defenceman Mark Louis was ejected from the game following an altercation with Panthers forward Sean Richards.

As the video shows, the Panthers are breaking into the offensive zone where Richards takes a pass from a teammate at the hash marks and takes a shot on goal. Following the shot there is minor contact between Richards and Devils Goaltender Mac Carruth - deemed incidental. Richards falls to the ice and Louis engages him with an initial cross-check. Both players proceed to grapple and fall to the ice.

Initially both players are willingly engaged and then attempt to get to their feet, with Richards throwing an initial punch aimed at Louis. While both players are engaged, Devils forward Justin Crandall attempts to pull Richards away from Louis and this ends up with Richards and Louis falling back onto the ice and the Linesmen intervening - signalling the end of the altercation.

At this stage Louis, instead of disengaging and immediately leaving the area, attempts to grab Richards who is no longer a willing combatant. Louis is restrained by the Linesman and instead of stopping, he chooses to throw a number of punches over the linesman.

It is important to note that Richards is no longer engaged or a willing combatant. He is unable to protect himself from the multiple forceful gloved punches to the head. This is not the case of two players who willingly engage in a mutual confrontation: the initial altercation has stopped and the Linesmen have intervened. This, along with the intervention of other players, leaves Richards both unable to willingly engage and unable to protect himself.

The Department of Player Safety understand that Louis is frustrated on this play with what is perceived as unnecessary contact with his goaltender. DOPS has established in the past that players are not excused from punishment because they are acting in response to the actions of another player. What causes this play to rise to the level of supplemental discipline is the nature of the punches and the force in which they are delivered on an opponent who is unable to protect himself.

To summarise:

  • This is Fighting
  • Louis has previously been suspended during the EIHL 2021/22 Season

Effective immediately, Cardiff Devils' #4 Mark Louis is fined and suspended for two games.

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