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Jesse Forsberg suspended for one game

Giants' forward receives one game ban

An incident occurred on Saturday, October 19th, involving Belfast Giants’ #29 Jesse Forsberg, during the game between the Belfast Giants and Manchester Storm, which is deemed a slew foot. The incident was reviewed by the EIHL’s Department of Player Safety which determined that supplementary discipline is required under Category 1 - 'Careless' - insufficient attention or thought to avoid harm or error. It is liable to happen as a consequence of, or by intending to, affect an opponent through a reactionary or accidental motion; or the incident is deemed careless caused by negligence.

With #29 Jesse Forsberg gaining possession of the puck and skating behind his defending net, he was slashed by the attacking player #17 Adam Hughesman. The slash was immediately identified by the Referee as a penalty. As Forsberg skated with the puck to the opposite side of the net, he lost puck possession. Due to a slash to the arm area or the loss of puck possession, or a combination of both, Forsberg went from worrying about the puck to worrying about the attacking player, Adam Hughesman. 

The reason for supplementary discipline, as the video shows, Forsberg used an illegal tactic to fend off the attacking player, by way of a slew foot. Once Forsberg lost puck possession, he dropped his right leg back to create a kicking motion directly to the back of the skate of Adam Hughesman. At the same time as the kicking action, Forsberg used his upper body in the opposite direction of the leg sweep. This action propelled Hughesman backwards dangerously, and is deemed a slew foot. Although there was no apparent injury, the possibility of injury is high with the opposing player having no possibility of preparing or protecting himself.

Effective immediately, Belfast Giants #29 Jesse Forsberg is suspended for one game.

Key References:

  • Slew Foot
  • Leg sweep from behind
  • Upper body in front to create an opposite motion from leg sweep
  • Category 1 - Careless

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