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Barry Brust suspended for roughing

Steelers goalie gets one-game ban

On Saturday night in Sheffield, Steelers Goaltender Barry Brust used his blocker in an illegal action directed at the head of Coventry Blaze forward Janne Kivilahti.

As the video shows, play is in the Blaze offensive zone with Kivilahti positioned at the top of Brust’s crease. As the puck comes in towards the goal, there is minimal incidental contact between Kivilahti and Brust which is not deemed worthy of a penalty or a stoppage of play. The puck continues into the corner and Brust continues to play his position in the net. As the puck comes behind the goal net, Brust turns his focus to Kivilahti and lunges forward at him with arms extended, hands and stick raised, with his blocker making contact with Kivilahti’s head. Kivilahti was unaware and unable to protect himself. This is Roughing.

It is important to note that the goaltender’s blocker is a lot stronger than a player’s glove, and there are specific rules regarding use of the blocker other than to save the puck. This type of action is deemed reckless and endangering with high risk of causing an injury. Brust must refrain from retaliatory and reckless actions through the use of his blocker and/or stick.

To summarise:

  • Roughing - Use of the blocker
  • No History - Brust has neither been fined nor suspended during the 21/22 EIHL Season

Effective immediately, Sheffield Steelers #33 Barry Brust is fined sad suspended for one game.

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