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Halbert suspended for two games for boarding

Blaze defenseman receives suspension

On Friday night in Altrincham, Blaze defensemen Nathanael Halbert was assessed a penalty for cross-checking Storm forward Adam Brady.

As the video shows, Brady makes a pass to his teammate at the blue line, while Halbert is in pursuit. With Halbert directly behind Brady, Halbert delivers a cross-check to his back, causing a violent crash directly into the boards.

This is Boarding. It is important to note that Halbert is fully in control of this play. From the moment he hits the bottom of the circle, Halbert sees nothing but Brady’s numbers. This is not a case of a player turning his back immediately prior to contact in a way that turns a legal hit into an illegal one.

Furthermore, while the cross-check isn’t delivered with exceptional force, it is also not the case where a player uses his stick or puts his hands on the back of an opponent to guide, direct or engage the puck carrier. It is delivered at an extremely dangerous distance from the boards, delivered in a manner that sends Brady directly into the boards, and not at an angle that might minimise the danger of the play.

This is a cross-check to the back of a player who is not positioned to adequately protect himself, putting him dangerously and directly into the boards.

To summarise:

  • This is Boarding
  • Halbert is considered a repeat offender having previously been suspended for Boarding on 5/11/21

Effective immediately, Coventry Blaze #74 Nathanael Halbert is fined and suspended for two games.

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