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Beaudry, Eberle and Connolly top Steelers' ice time

Check out Sheffield's series time on ice

During the 2021 Elite Series, the Elite League experimented with collecting Time on Ice data at the Motorpoint Arena. The data was not available live, which is why it wasn't integrated into the Gamecentre, to enable us to assess its collection.

Here are the final series totals for the Sheffield Steelers: average time on ice per player across all games played:

22:47 Jérémy Beaudry
21:19 Tanner Eberle
21:02 Brendan Connolly
20:25 Kevin Schulze
19:58 Adrian Saxrud Danielsen
19:11 Robert Dowd
18:33 Josef Mikyska
18:02 Sondre Olden
17:58 Liam Kirk
17:48 Josef Hrabal
17:01 David Phillips
16:05 Jonathan Phillips
15:41 Sam Jones
15:23 Jason Hewitt
12:51 Matthew Myers
12:29 Josh Waller
07:29 Alex Graham
06:19 Adam Jones
05:58 Jack Musil
05:05 Bálint Pákozdi

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