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Matheson, Ellis and Talbot-Tassi lead Panthers in ice time

A look at the Panthers' time on ice from the 2021 Elite Series

During the 2021 Elite Series, the Elite League experimented with collecting Time on Ice data at the Motorpoint Arena. The data was not available live, which is why it wasn't integrated into the Gamecentre, to enable us to assess its collection.

Here are the final series totals for the Nottingham Panthers: average time on ice per player across all games played:

27:05 Mark Matheson
25:15 Brendan Ellis
23:26 Dominic Talbot-Tassi
18:58 Nick Dineen
18:58 Austin Cangelosi
18:50 Josh Tetlow
18:08 Christophe Boivin
17:41 Kevin Domingue
17:21 Brett Perlini
16:02 Ollie Betteridge
15:44 Mark Garside
14:53 Robert Lachowicz
14:25 Lewis Hook
14:20 Johno May
12:14 Owen Griffiths
09:45 Jordan Kelsall
09:27 Liam Stenton
07:54 Bobby Chamberlain
06:35 Craig Garrigan
05:04 Morgan Clarke-Pizzo

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