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Bryhnisveen, Clements and Pohlkamp top Blaze's series Time on Ice

How did the Blaze finish up?

During the 2021 Elite Series, the Elite League experimented with collecting Time on Ice data at the Motorpoint Arena. The data was not available live, which is why it wasn't integrated into the Gamecentre, to enable us to assess its collection.

Here are the final series totals for the Coventry Blaze: average time on ice per player across all games played:

26:23 Nicolai Bryhnisveen
24:28 David Clements
23:44 Chris Pohlkamp
23:00 Mike Hammond
21:10 Tristan Keck
19:48 Luke Ferrara
19:06 Max Krogdahl
18:47 Janne Laakkonen
18:35 Ross Venus
17:41 Nick Jermain
17:11 Simen Andre Edvardsen
14:50 Sam Duggan
13:39 Alex Forbes
11:35 Paul Swindlehurst
10:28 Vanya Antonov
09:44 Cole Shudra
08:52 Mac Howlett
06:46 Sam Russell
06:25 Toms Rutkis
03:36 Austin Mitchell-King 

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