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Kirk leads shooters after opening weekend

Photo: Dean Woolley

What can well tell from the numbers two games in? Let's find out!


  • Kevin Domingue and Liam Kirk lead the series for the most shots (17); they've scored on 11.8% and 17.6% of shots respectively
  • The third-highest shooter through three games is Storm defenseman Andreas Klavestad (16)
  • Klavestad and Nicolai Bryhnisveen (15) lead their respective teams for shots on goal
  • No player has a 100% shooting record. Scott Simmonds and Josef Hrabel come in at 50%, both having scored off one of their two shots so far
  • The Panthers have had more shots on goal than any other team until now, averaging 33.5 shots per game

Faceoffs (over 5 contested)

  • Austin Cangelosi leads the series at 61% wins, followed by Matthew Myers (60%)
  • Only three of the 12 players in this bracket have a success rate over 50%

Special teams

  • Coventry have the highest combined special teams rating: 33.33% powerplay and 85.7% penalty kill, the only team over 100% on the combined ranking
  • Nottingham are the only team yet to score on the powerplay in the series
  • Manchester have scored 50% of the powerplay goals scored in the tournament thus far (three of their eight goals were on the PP)
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