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January 19, 2011

The GMB Nottingham Panthers have signed first round NHL draft pick Daniel Tkaczuk until the end of the season.

The 31-year-old has just left Dornbirn in Austria and comes to Nottingham with an impressive resume that includes being a first round draft pick – sixth overall.

A centre who shoots left, Daniel played 19 games in the NHL for the Calgary Flames who drafted him in 1997. His career has been mostly at the very high AHL level with teams like St Johns, Worcester, Bridgeport.

He then went to Scandanavia and Italy (where he played for Milan against the Panthers in the Continental Cup).

He has also played at the prestigious DEL level in German with Ingolstadt and Duisburg.

Last year he had a full season with a point a game for Charlotte in the East Coast Hockey League but he also had short spells at three AHL teams again – Syracuse, Rochester and Hartford.

GMB Panthers’ coach Corey Neilson has been working with his management team around the clock to complete the signing of the new player : "I like just about everything I hear about Daniel, he could be a perfect fit for us, we need a guy who can win the draw for us, a left-handed centre could make a big difference to what we do out on the ice.

"His pedigree speaks for itself. When Jeff Heerema joined people were scratching their heads trying to think if there’d ever been a higher draft pick come to our league. Jeff was an eleventh pick overall, now we have Daniel who was a sixth pick overall."

Flights and paperwork were being worked on again overnight and Tzaczuk should definitely be in the line-up by the weekend when the Hull Stingrays visit Nottingham for a vital Elite League game.


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