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October 24, 2014

The Cardiff Devils are pleased to confirm the signing of Paul Bissonnette. The NHLer is coming in on a temporary basis while he still looks for opportunities in the NHL, but Devils management are excited to have him for whatever length of time that he will be in Cardiff.

“Paul got in touch with us and explained that he had already had offers from two other teams in the Elite League, but that if he was going to come back to this league he thought he would talk to us,” explained the Devils Managing Director Todd Kelman.

“He said that he loved his time in Cardiff and was excited about coming in even on a short term basis.

“It is important for our fans to understand that if Paul gets the opportunity to go back to the NHL, we will not stand in his way and he is coming here with all of us knowing full well that he could be here for a week, a month or all season. He could get an offer in the next few days before he even arrives for all we know, but we are taking a risk here because we want him back for however long we can have him.”

When Bissonnette played in Cardiff during the NHL lockout, he was a standout player for the Devils, scoring 21 points in only 11 games while winning over the hearts of the Devils fans in his short stint in South Wales.

“It just wouldn’t be right to see him over in this league playing for another team and when I put the idea to the owners, it was a very quick conversation. They know this is what the fans want and they are all for it.”

The Devils are currently in the process of getting the paperwork in order and making travel arrangements for Bissonnette who has played a total of 202 NHL games, spending the past 5 seasons with the Arizona Coyotes (formerly known as the Phoenix Coyotes).

His brief stint with the Devils during 2012-13 is his only period out of the NHL since 2008-09 when he split his time between the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins and their American League Affiliate the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins.

“We are absolutely pumped to get Bissonnette over here again and no matter how long he is here for, we are excited that he wants to get back to Cardiff and play for the Devils,” commented Coach Andrew Lord.

“I am pleased that we have ownership behind us on this decision to bring him in, it shows how committed they are to the Devils fans and to making this team and the game night experience the best it can be.”

If you don’t know about Paul Bissonnette, then you need to check him out on twitter, where he has become one of the most followed players in the NHL with his unique brand of humour and his willingness to engage with the fans, good or bad. If you have twitter and are not following him, check him out by following @BizNasty2point0


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