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January 2, 2013

Braehead Clan press release 

As you may be aware, Braehead Clan have been lucky enough to have NHL player and Detroit Red Wings star Drew Miller on the Clan Roster for the last few months, thanks to the NHL lockout. As talks around the table between NHL owners and the NHL Players Association continue, it looks like a resolution may be on the cards, and the NHL season will soon get underway.

Braehead Clan would like to thank Drew for joining us during the lockout period. It has been a pleasure to have him and his wife Coleen join the Clan and we are sure that both fans of the Clan and EIHL fans in general have enjoyed watching Drew ice for the Clan over the last few months.

With talks between the NHL and NHLPA continuing, Clan will be saying goodbye to Drew and wife Coleen soon, and we are sure that you the fans would like to see him ice for the Clan whilst he is still here. We have games on Thurs 3rd Jan and Sat 5th Jan, so if you want to see Drew Miller ice in that famous purple jersey just one last time, then get to the games!

We will make a short presentation at the end of the game on Thurs 3rd Jan to Drew, to say thanks for all his hard work and effort during his time with the Clan.

It has been a pleasure to have someone of Drew’s calibre ice for the Clan and we are sure that you guys would agree that he has done a lot for this club during his time with us.

The lockout may not be positive for the sport of ice hockey, but having Drew join the Clan for the last 3 months has certainly gained us a few fans and helped raise the club profile! We thank you for your time and effort Drew and we wish you all the best for the future!


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