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October 8, 2013

Forward Derek Campbell has been banned for 47 matches following a mandatory review by the Rapid Solicitors Elite League head of discipline Moray Hanson.

Campbell was given a match penalty for excessive roughness in the third period (54:55) of Hull Stingrays' game with Dundee Stars on Saturday 5th October 2013.

In addition, there was an off-ice incident involving Campbell after he had been escorted off the ice towards the dressing room.

Listed below is a breakdown of the suspensions...

Fighting off the ice = 15 matches
Attempted eye gouge = 12 matches
Knee to the head = 10 matches
Excessive force to the head resulting in an impact to the ice = 10 matches

One match of the 47 was served in Hull's game at Dundee on Sunday 6th October 2013.

Hanson said: "There are many aspects to this serious incident and that is why I have broken it down into separate sections.

"I have studied the game tape in great detail and I have spoken with the three officials, who all were able to give me detailed reports.

"This is a very nasty incident and there is no place for any of these actions in our sport."


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